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Case Study

About the Project

The Concept & Challenge


WesTrac is one of the largest global Caterpillar dealers, providing its customers with a wide array of machinery and construction equipment as well as a comprehensive whole-of-life management solution. Their intranet was hosted on an aging Sharepoint 2010 environment that was cluttered and ungoverned, with many undocumented customisations which caused maintenance issues.
In order to drive up staff productivity, WesTrac sought for a cost effective intranet solution for its 3000 staff members across Australia. Importantly WesTrac wanted a solution that allows for simple system maintenance with a modern interface and engaging user experience.
They sought for a solution that could be implemented quickly, simply and with minimal disruption to business activity.

The Solution

See What We Did There


Ignia implemented the Valo ‘Intranet-in-a-box’ product with Microsoft cloud to provide a refined, polished and robust intranet solution and user experience. The Valo modules were used as building blocks to compose the home page, departmental pages and other content in an attractive, consistent and simple manner that is intuitive for non-technical users. The Valo solution also provided the extensibility points for Ignia consultants to apply custom WesTrac branding, content structures and layouts, and additional functionality requested by the business.

Importantly, a cloud-based intranet solution was chosen to enable access from any device and location, and to provide simplified infrastructure management. Ignia also developed clearly defined processes so that roll out of incremental improvements could be easily pursued to minimise platform aging in the future. To ensure a rich experience for collaboration, Active Directory was also integrated so that users can easily find colleagues and skills within their business.

By implementing an ‘intranet-in-a-box’ product, it allowed Ignia to build the initial testing environment in the first week of engagement. This allowed WesTrac stakeholders to use and understand the system early to provide informed feedback with minimal need for workshopping and design mock-up.

Ignia’s agile methodology allowed WesTrac to prioritise use cases to deliver the highest value items, pivoting as necessary. With rapid delivery of technology, it allowed for appropriate time for governance, change management, training, content population support, documentation, handover to support, and launch activities. These elements embedded the technology implementation within the organisation and ensured that the solution is sustainable for long term business benefit.

The Results

Another Great Outcome


Danielle Bull, General Manager Marketing & Communications, WesTrac says, “Our existing SharePoint 2010 environment was outdated, cluttered and looking tired. As a result, our intranet became a sorely under-utilised internal communications tool. We wanted a new platform that provided an informative, engaging and interactive portal that staff access and engage with.”

“We selected Ignia based on their reputation in the market and history of success in this area. Their value proposition of being able to quickly and cost effectively define, architect and deliver Valo’s ‘Intranet in a box’ solution – while also leveraging our existing investment in Office 365 – appealed- to us.”

“The Ignia team achieved our outcomes and delivered the project from design to launch-ready in just six weeks – thanks in part to an Agile delivery method that kept the project flowing smoothly and on budget. We recently went live and the feedback across the business has been extremely positive.”

The intranet solution was successfully launched to WesTrac’s 3000 users with highly positive feedback from staff and the executive team. The project was completed under budget, with additional scope items delivered within time as a result of our Agile prioritisation process. The technical capabilities of the production environment was complete after just three weeks and the implementation proved to the business and IT team that the cloud is a viable platform for business systems with significant operational benefits.