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Today’s Workplace challenges


Your employees of today are more digitally savvy than ever before. Their needs are stepping out of what businesses are currently providing, including the need for rapid, seamless access to applications as they have with their personal devices.

Workplaces are challenged with the limitations of on-premises infrastructure, prohibiting employees from collaborating and communicating effectively, any time and anywhere. IT teams are faced with the increasing strain of maintaining disparate technology and systems that takes time away from focusing on business improvement and strategy.

To address these challenges, Ignia can help you build and embrace a Connected Workplace and optimise your existing technology investments to transition to a more productive and modernised workplace.

Learn how Ignia's Connected Workplace can transition your workplace to a more productive and modernised environment for employees.

Watch this animatic to learn how Ignia’s Connected Workplace can strategically help you achieve a high performing workplace.

How Ignia’s Connected Workplace can help


Ignia’s 4-step approach to building a Connected Workplace provides a holistic evergreen service to help you strategically plan, transform and evolve your productivity and collaboration stack leveraging the evergreen Microsoft 365 platform.

It enables you to bring your products, services, licensing, strategy and support together into one, central, easy to manage solution.

With continuous strategic, operational and deployment milestones you are assured to continue to maximise your investment in the platform; and deliver results to your business, whilst ensuring your users embrace the change.

Ignia’s 4-steps approach:

  1. Plan: Understand your requirements to develop an adoption roadmap with an overview of all interrelated projects and technology deployments.
  2. Establish: Configure your platform requirements, including tenant set up, licensing, identity management, support and governance.
  3. Embrace: A tailor change and communication plan to help your users adapt to the solution.
  4. Evolve: Embedd processes and tools for continuous improvement.

The 4 Components of a Connected Workplace


With a Connected Workplace, you can focus on your users, their needs and how they embrace the tools available to them, to drive productivity, efficiency and flexibility amongst your workforce.

Learn more about the growing workplace trends for:

  1. Mobility
  2. Collaboration
  3. Evolution
  4. Security

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