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Today’s campus needs


Your students of today – and your future alumni – are more digitally savvy than ever before. Timely access to contextual information is an expectation, not a ‘nice to have’. Meanwhile, the need to maintain and improve academic performance and research quality remains paramount.

To address these challenges, and gain a distinct competitive advantage, many higher education institutions are turning to technology-based solutions, to identify efficiencies, empower staff, build and optimise student relationships, and drive retention rates; particularly in that difficult first year of study

See how Smart Campus has helped the University of Western Australia

Watch this video to see how the University of Western Australia is transforming its campus management with Ignia’s Smart Campus solution.

How Smart Campus can help


Ignia’s Smart Campus solution is a holistic digital platform, and leverages an integrated suite of industry-leading technologies to deliver tangible outcomes that align with your unique strategic vision.

Smart Campus can help you dramatically improve the services your institution provides, and the way you interact with staff, students and the community. It can help you attract, build and optimise relationships with prospective and current students, and build and add value to your alumni relationships.

Above all, it can help you attract and foster the mix of students you need, in order to achieve your overall vision and educational objectives.

Five Pillars of Campus Management


With Smart Campus, you can transform the way you manage and operate your university in five key areas:

  1. Digital Student Journey
  2. Connected Workplace
  3. Connected Campus
  4. Smart Student Tools
  5. Data Insights

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