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Business Intelligence

Helping Organisations Realise The Full Potential Of Their Data

Own Your Information.

Gather more and deeper data, and understand it better than ever before.

Make the best decisions with the best information.


Help individuals be more efficient through consolidated data and self-service analytics tools.


Make better-informed decisions through real-time analysis, machine learning and predictive modelling.


Create entirely new sources of business insight through automated analysis of text, voice or images.

Self-Service Analytics

Empower your users to explore data, investigate trends and apply their business knowledge. Go beyond stale, static reporting and give your teams the tools they need to drive insight and innovation.

Data Integration and Warehousing

Consolidate and integrate your data sources to multiply their value and enable richer, more comprehensive analysis across all business functions and processes.

Streaming and Real-Time Analytics (IoT)

Harness the constant flow of data through your organisation to measure, analyse and respond in real-time.

Predictive and Machine Learning

Identify hidden patterns and predictors in your data to optimise processes, enhance customer interactions and forecast risk.

Unstructured and 'Big Data'

Explore and analyse the vast quantities of emails, documents and social media posts across your organisation, as well as leveraging intelligent services to derive new insight from images and audio.

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